Best Slim 100 % Natural Weight Loss Pill 40 Count

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BEST SLIM can speed up metabolism and increase the energy and help the body to burn fat. It can remove deposited fat quickly. No need to go on any painful diet, nor do any exercise.

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Customer Reviews

YES you lose weight, just be smart!

 March 13, 2013
By Mary
Ok, so I have 3 kids keeping me busy so I’m hardly on the computer leaving feedback but I happen to be on here buying more of Best Slim from this seller because YES they work! I felt the need to share my story because if you are looking at these diet pills, I’ve been in your shoes and I want to help but I have concerns for the average person.

I had my last 2 kids age 33 & 36. I gained over 65lbs while I was pregnant of which I added an extra 15-20lbs each pregnancy. I know doesn’t sound like too much but all my life I never worried about weight, I am 5’4" and was always under 125lbs until I got pregnant at age 33. I don’t know if it’s metabolism or what but I just could NOT get more than 5lbs off then gain right back. I have a spinal cord injury (lots of metal/rods wires pulled out) which limits my ability to exercise but I do what I can 3-4 times a week.

I tried everything, literally everything. No carbs, juicing, limiting calories, weight watchers, eating small meal more often, always exercising, meditation/self-hypnosis, protein shake replacements, hundreds of dollars in pills…ect. Then my best friend had a friend at work with zi xiu tang pills and she told me she actually lost 20lbs in a month. I though first hand info, sure I tried them at $40 bottle. Yes they worked…amazing 10lbs in less than 2 weeks. Lots of side effects, thirsty, potty issues, staying up ALL night, more. That was 2 years ago. After that bottle I had bought several others off line only to find none worked.

So, I decide to do reviews and more research. Yes, I’m pretty sure the previous pills had sibutramine due to the side effects. I have since tried other brands looking for that "sibutramine" effect and finally I found it. Now, I’m not saying these have that for sure, I just feel the need to let everyone know to be careful when buying any diet pills. Yes, I have lost over 10lbs super easy but I also drinks LOTS of water. I only take one early in the morning or I will be up all night. Also, I sometimes skip a day just to let my system rest. I have family members that have asked how I lost weight and they know it’s Chinese mystery diet pills but I won’t tell them about them because I know I’m very healthy other than spine. I am concerned about older people who may have heart conditions, high blood pressure, liver or kidney issues…so if you take these just be aware of your body signals. If it doesn’t feel right or something seems wrong, stop taking them. Look up side effects for sibutramine and reactions.

Sorry if I sound like I’m on a soap box, but I am to report that I LOVE these pills. I just don’t want people to think there is a magic pill. Still be cautious and listen to your body. I even drink a protein shake when I’m not hungry because I know I still need vitamins/some sort of food or I will get headaches. Force yourself to eat, even pizza I do. Maybe fruits/veggies better but you will still lose weight.

BTW, I started my diet pill search again because my hubbie and I are going on a cruise in Aug. I don’t need to look super model skinny. I just wanted to stop wearing my body slimmers all the time (can you imagine how hot Bahamas would be!) and feel comfortable with my thighs/stomach in a swimsuit. I will report back in the future. Happy safe weight loss my friends!!

No reason to doubt…

 December 3, 2012
By Pen Name
I had my doubts because of the packaging & reading some reviews. I gave it a try & needless to say I just ordered my 2nd bottle since I have already lost 17 pounds & feel amazing! Curbs hunger with no jitters, also makes you wanna drink more water! I’m very satisfied!!


 April 14, 2012
By M. Marshall "Brandynana"
I tried this on the recommendation of a friend. Both my daughter and I are using this product with good results. It does curb the appetite and I am finally losing weight I’ve been trying to shed for the past couple of years. My daughter is getting the same results. I would recommend it.

they work!

 April 13, 2012
By nika
These pills are excellent!unlike most other diet pills,they actually work.I lost 6 1/2 lbs the first 8 days.Cant wait to see how weight I will lose within the next 22 days.


 June 3, 2012
By cerealmom49
This is my second time ordering – and I think it’s a great product. My appetite is kept at bay while I make better food choices for proper nutrition! I’ve had nothing but a positive experience – no weird side effects! I’ve lost 20 pounds so far and will keep going until I hit my goal.

Great product

 August 16, 2011
By family
This item is very good, it does not make me sick or have a headache like most over the counter types do. My appeitite is suppresed and i have lots of energy . I will definintley order another bottle. Two of the girl i work with alos have tried them and are losing weight and have a ton of energy .

Miracle pills

 April 18, 2012
I have been trying to find something that will curve my appetite for a long time, nothing seems to work…..I recently visited my sister and she lost a lot of weight since Christmas, and so I figured I would try these pills. I was leary at first just because I don’t like to take anything, but these are all natural and have done wonders. I have been on them for almost a month and have lost 10 lbs. For me, that is a lot and the last of the baby weight that I have been dragging around for the last 5 years. People are noticing and my husband cannot believe how fast these pills work. They do make your mouth extremely dry but you are to drink lots of water, so that is kind of a reminder to drink your water. I would give these pills a 10 out of 10!!! Try them for yourself and see..
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